FlatGA - Google Analytics Email Reports

FlatGA - Google Analytics Email Reports

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·Aug 11, 2019·

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I am pleased to introduce email report feature for your website analytics on FlatGA, now you can receive the same beautiful FlatGA interface into your email as an embedded image. Take a look at a sample report here. The email can also include top pages and referrers data as a CSV file for easier reference.


  • Daily or weekly email report
  • Referrers and top pages as attachments
  • Embedded image to save you from one additional click
  • The pageview/user chart will have previous days included for easier comparison. i.e if you have chosen weekly report, the series will include last 2 weeks data while all other statictics will be for only one week.


It has 15 days trial period without requiring any credit card. Its $12 per year for upto 5 websites. That's just $1 per month. After the trial period, get your gumroad.com license key and enter it on your settings page.

How to activate this feature?

Login at flatga.io, click "Subscribe via Email!" button next to duration. You can now add a new report from this page!

Never miss to see your website growth and see who are your influencers!

Feel free to contact me on Twitter for any questions!

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