Overview of the Slot Game 300 Shields

The original 300 Shields slot machine, introduced in 2014, has become legendary for its high volatility, hard hitting, take no prisoners gameplay, much like the Spartan warriors it was inspired by. After a long hiatus, the group is back with 300 Shields Mighty Ways, which adds an extra purchase and spruces up the aesthetics in the same way that its predecessor did. Light & Wonder (previously SG Digital), the design studio responsible, kept most of what made the first version special. The studio has equipped this iteration with the Mighty Ways mechanism and a new extra buy option, both of which need nearly Leonidas-level daring to activate, in addition to the progressive multiplier in free spins.

As was previously noted, 300 Shields Mighty Ways further enhances the aesthetics introduced in 300 Shields Extreme. The game’s starting point is still a golden wheat field, but now there’s more to look at and higher-resolution visuals to take in. During the hot, dry summer in the Peloponnese, a well-trodden route leads to a valley dotted with ancient buildings. When the free spins feature is activated, however, the sky opens up and pours rain over a stormy background, perhaps depicting the fabled clash between the Spartans and the Persians at Thermopylae. Light & Wonder has managed to capture the essence of the 300 Shields series while also bringing it up to date. However, Light & Wonder’s slots still suffer from a lack of fluidity and flow, making them feel choppy and unfinished in places.

Preparing for war is selecting a wager anywhere from 20 pence to £/€20 each spin on a desktop, mobile, or tablet computer. 300 Shields Mighty Ways is, as you probably guessed, a very volatile slot that seems like it’s all or nothing. The theoretical payout percentage (RTP) when playing in the default mode and receiving free spins is 95.99%; when purchasing free spins, the RTP ranges from 95.9% to 96.06%. Keep in mind that you can find models with a lower RTP if you look around. Bet lines are eliminated and a win-all-ways structure is implemented when the Mighty Pays mechanism is used. There are 729 possible outcomes with the default setup of 6 reels and 3 rows. While it has some similarities to Megaways (maybe too many), it has the potential to expand in its own right.

Any winning combination of three or more symbols must begin on the leftmost side of the grid and land on neighboring reels, regardless of the size of the grid. Lower value royals (9-A) pay 0.5x to 0.9x the wager for a full house, whereas a full house of high value symbols (arrows, sword, ship, helmet, and archer) is worth 1.5x to 10x the wager. The Warrior Wild symbol acts as a substitute for all other symbols save for the Scatter on the leftmost reel.

Features of the Slot Game 300 Shields

The 300 Shields Mighty Ways method is the first topic discussed. When a winning combination is established, the symbols that comprise it vanish from the board and +2 more symbols land on the reels where they appeared. If a second success occurs, the procedure is repeated until no more successes occur. When all six reels are at their maximum height, 262,144 different outcomes are possible. Reel height is reset to 3 symbols between basic game spins and free games.

Free Online Games

Watch out for the shields that serve as scatter symbols. If you manage to land three, four, or five of them, you’ll unlock seven free games, ten free games, or the Super Free Games bonus. Warrior victories during the bonus rounds are doubled. When shield scatters appear, they are gathered, which results in more bonus games and a higher wild multiplier.

A second round of 5 free games where warrior victories are increased by 5 is unlocked after collecting 2 or more shields.

If you collect 6 shields, you’ll unlock a third set of 5 bonus games where your warrior winnings are doubled by 25.

If you collect 12 shields, you’ll unlock a bonus round of 5 free games where your warrior victories are magnified by a factor of 300.

Warrior winnings during Super Free Games are multiplied by x300 from the start of the round and include the bonus from collecting 2, 6, or 12+ shields (described above). If 3 or more shields appear on the grid at once during Super Free Games or normal Free Games, an additional 5 spins are rewarded at the current level.

Get Your Hands on a Pass

If the Buy Pass option is present, there are two ways to proceed. One offers super free games for a staggering 1,566 times the wager, while the other offers free games for 5, 7, or 10 times the bet.

The 300: Conclusion of the Slot Game

Do you recall how the young Spartan boys in the film 300 were separated from their people and sent into the wilderness, where they had to find their way back to civilization on their own initiative? Feeling like you’ve been placed into a wilderness full with wolves and other dangers is a common theme in 300 Shields Mighty Ways. We’re joking, of course, but only somewhat. Like its forebears, 300 Shields Mighty Ways is an extremely unpredictable slot machine. Although difficult, 300 Shields has a storied history that the new 300 Shields Mighty Ways continues to honor.

Light & Wonder has updated the formula by including both familiar and novel features. One of these is called Mighty Ways, and it fits in rather well, in no little part because of the gruesome cutting noise produced by the cascading function. It would have been convenient if, during free spins, the reels maintained their increased height rather than reverting to the game’s default, but hey, this is 300 Shields Mighty Ways, and it’s not here to make your life easier. It seems to seek a “simple offering of earth and water” in homage, just like Xerxes did.

However, there is some give and take, and increasing the multiplier during free spins can ensure that. However, the 1,566x Buy Pass is a difficult choice because even the greatest level does not ensure success. You have access to the x300 from the very beginning of the feature, but negative test results might be emotionally devastating. The most expensive Buy Pass is just as much of a gamble as Mad Cars’ Mystery Mad Bonus purchase, if not more so.

The additional purchases are discretionary, but this is a 300 Shields game with a reputation to preserve. Putting those aside, what’s left is a fine installment in the sandals-and-swords genre that works well with the 300 Shields series. Even while a multiplier of x300 isn’t as eye-catching as it was in 2014, it may still do a lot of damage if coupled with the correct symbols.






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